Bay Bridge Logistics

Fortunately I’m not affected at all by the added day of Bay Bridge Closure, but this quote about the repair amazes me: The parts needed to make the fix were manufactured overnight by Stinger Welding Inc. in Coolidge, Ariz. Weighing about 18,000 pounds, they landed at Oakland International Airport aboard a chartered plane Sunday afternoon.Continue reading “Bay Bridge Logistics”

Being quiet and cool

There are a number of studies that show younger people connecting more via instant messaging and SMS than other forms of communication. The Digital Chosunilbo reports that this transition has covered Korea under a veil of silence: If in an age of near-ubiquitous communication people have become paradoxically quiet, it is because means of communicationContinue reading “Being quiet and cool”

Laptop Withdrawal Affective Disorder

The symptoms started about two weeks ago when I first noticed that my 12″ Powerbook’s hard drive was on the fritz. My applications slowed down, movies stopped playing halfway through, and I was finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Then today when I went into my local Apple store forContinue reading “Laptop Withdrawal Affective Disorder”