Upcoming superstar

Once upon a time...Once upon a time I had a friend who had a small website. We were such good friends that I became a poster child for said website, and everyone was happy. The sun was shining that day.

Then a BIG CORPORATION acquired the website, and corporate policy ensued. Privacies were policied, and policies were privatized. Somewhere in the mix, my poster-childhood was revoked. My picture was no longer an example for all those aspiring up-and-coming upcomingers. The fog rolled in that day.

But for a limited time, you can still see me in action! Quick, while supplies still last, go get your free autographed copy of Cameron Marlow, upcoming superstar!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming superstar

  1. fwiw, i tried a lot of variations to try to get it to work. 🙂

    maybe we can add a virtual cameron agent, a la clippy, to the feature list…

    next rev should be less sterile.

  2. No worries taking down Cameron’s mug, just don’t muddle with the marketing copy…


    Upcoming Badges NEW!
    Publish your events on your own website with an ass-kicking Upcoming Badge!

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