Bicycle Defense Fund

An organization has arisen in NYC to help support those individuals arrested during Critical Mass events under the name Freewheels Bicycle Defense Fund. This past weekend they hosted an inaugural fund driving event in Brooklyn that apparently made upwards of $4k for the legal battling bikers.

According to my friend Jamie, most, if not all of the arrested cyclists have refused offers of Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) and decided to take their cases to court. Given the number of cases already pending, along with the expected number to arise from the first big ride of the year in April, the Critical Mass defendants will be needing quite a bit of support for what could be a very defining court battle for bikers rights in the city.

One thought on “Bicycle Defense Fund

  1. Dear Cameron

    Power to the cyclist/s!

    I live in Wolverhampton, UK.. The Sooo anti-cycle (but pretend not to be)Council & police do not do the jobs they’re paid too much to do, and make anti-social,illegal parking the accepted norm.

    + Council representatives hand-delivered a letter threatening to fine me £1,000.00 for leaving my bin on the pavement.. (Others leave their bins out for a week & get nothing said to them). Their ‘reason’ was “wheelchairs/pushchairs can’t pass”. The way idiots park on the pavement/bumper to bumper/triple parking/in a turning point/in front of a dropped kerb NOBODY, even skinny pedestrians, can get passed or between them.

    Also, the pavement measures only 0.98M : the law states it should measure 1.5M (or more).

    I’m exasperated.. More power to any cyclist..

    Chris Deacon

    The few times I’ve got a bit angry with drivers who refuse to give me enough space to exit/enter my gateway I’ve then been threatened with 2 x ASBOs!!!

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