Laptop Withdrawal Affective Disorder

The symptoms started about two weeks ago when I first noticed that my 12″ Powerbook’s hard drive was on the fritz. My applications slowed down, movies stopped playing halfway through, and I was finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Then today when I went into my local Apple store for a diagnosis, things really started to set in. I’m grumpy, irritable, and constantly frustrated. I’m afraid I have classic symptoms of Laptop Withdrawal Affective Disorder (LWAD).

In all honesty, I’m telling the truth. Well, maybe the part about not getting up in the morning is more about me being lazy, but I am generally off since I realized I’d be without my laptop for a week. It’s not the service it provides, per se, it’s how it’s integrated itself into my life. I’ve had relationships with a few PC laptops in the past, but my Powerbook seems to be the first laptop I’ve ever truly loved. Without it I feel lost, aimless, and like I spend most of my time thinking about how much easier everything would be if I didn’t have to use this damn PC desktop.

It’s definitely a testament to the quality and usability of Apple’s laptops. Sure they’re not the fastest, lightest, or most eye-catching machines around, but they generally work better than anything else. Maybe Apple would settle out of court if I sued them over my current condition. I think my expensive AppleCare support should include some sort of counseling for my condition. Something—anything—to make this pain go away.

2 thoughts on “Laptop Withdrawal Affective Disorder

  1. Not that you can read this until you get your laptop back – but I’ll comment anyway.

    My laptop died (same symptoms – same dead harddrive) 7 days before the AEJMC deadline. I sent my Mac back through the Tampa Apple store on a Saturday & it was back to me in Louisiana by Wednesday morning.

    Here’s to hoping your Mac’s recovery is speedy too! 🙂

  2. Similar things started happening to my little iBook, only it was 2 months after the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and I had totally forgotten to get Apple Care during that time. Ugh.

    It’s now been a month that I’ve been without. It has been serious withdrawl. Luckily, it should be back in 2 days. Finally!!

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