The (once) underground pepper

A while ago on one of my favorite cooking shows the chef made a dish with chipotle peppers. She extoled their unique flavor as “bacon for vegetarians.” With a description like that, I couldn’t resist trying a bunch of different recipes laden with these mysterious peppers. Chipotle (pronounced chee-POHT-lay) peppers are simply smoked red jalapenos,Continue reading “The (once) underground pepper”

Cameronfactor revealed to be universal

In his keynote at the JupiTerZ conference on weblog strategy, David Weinberger revealed that he tends to scale everything by a factor of 2.5. Not surprisingly, this is the original calculated value of the cameronfactor, first observed by Jonah Peretti in 2001. It begs the question: the cameronfactor is either a universal human constant orContinue reading “Cameronfactor revealed to be universal”

Weblogs and political influence

I just received a call for papers for a conference entitled Politics and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications (PISTA ’03) which is hosted, not ironically with the International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies in Orlando Florida this fall. I think there is a fascinating paper on weblogs and the microcontent influence on politics.Continue reading “Weblogs and political influence”