Enter the crunk

In the past week I made my way down to Atlanta for a summer position at the CDC (more on that later). It was an arrangement of amazing serendipity that came together at the last minute, and I’m very thankful for the opportunity. Everyone needs a regular influx of ideas as well as breaks from the monotony of living in one place. Last year was New York, this year is the ATL

I’ve been a bit off the weblogging tip for the past week because I’ve been busy acclimating myself to the ATL lifestyle. One cannot assume to understand the state of being crunk overnight. I’ve finally started to decypher the meandering side-streets and confusing sprawl that is my drive to work. At the risk of sounding like a hick away from home, it’s quite different here, and it takes some getting used to. Let me share one of my first observations here in the city:

Shortly after arriving and unpacking my rental car (which fits nicely in the 40 car parking lot behind my apartment building), I sat down to take a load off in the “sun room” (which is an enclosed porch on the front of my apartment). Looking out at the coutyard that separates my building from the next, I noticed another tenant walking out of his building, Blockbuster DVD in hand. He then proceeded to enter his car (a shiny gold Saturn), drive 0.75 blocks to the local Blockbuster, return the DVD, then drive 0.75 blocks back to his parking space. It’s quite different here.

Besides the peculiar geography and pervasive car culture, Atlanta is a great place to live. My neighborhood (Virginia-Highlands) is full of commercial distraction and interesting people, and everywhere you turn there are lush parks and neat old buildings. Beware: my weblog posts might be less frequent, longer winded, and more meandering for the next 2.5 months, but that’s the South just taking hold of my mind.

7 thoughts on “Enter the crunk

  1. Another must do while in Atlanta: Star Bar on Tuesday nights (like tonight). You will not be disappointed. I’ll second the flying buscuit as well.

    Man, you *do* live in one cool neighborhood.

  2. Welcome to tha A! I’m an undergrad (did a UROP in the Media Lab) – Class of ’06. Glad to have you down herr for tha summer.

    O ya – nobody can get it crunk like tha ATL, shawty!

    -ZG ’06

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