This ain’t no charade, moron

nissan muranoThe newest billboard on the interstate circuit is an advertisement for the recent Nissan “sport utility vehicle,” the Murano. Nissan is certainly trying to push some envelope with this car, which one I’m not entirely sure, but most probably the I-hope-to-god-I’m-not-going-to-that-future-futuristic envelope invented by the Pontiac Aztek. And the most striking feature of this ugly ass SUV is its name: Murano.

I may not speak Italiano, but here in the sweet US of A that word would be pronounced “idiot.” To add insult to injury, anyone driving a Murano is also self applying the name stupid to their choice in transportation. I just can’t see how this slipped passed the focus groups and executive decisions.. you might as well be honest like Dihatsu and call it the Charade.

7 thoughts on “This ain’t no charade, moron

  1. “Murano” sounds Japanese to me, like a common family name. “Mura” = village, “No” = field, maybe?

  2. The sad thing is the Murano is the 2nd Hottest compact SUV out there (off of MSN’s auto website) i think number one is the Honda Element – which seems like a modern day version of the VW Transporter, to me.

  3. actually, honda came out with a car named “honda fitta” in some markets. it means “cunt” in swedish..

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