The tan, svelte Marlow

anil marlowFor those of you who made it to SXSW this year, especially them people who I planned on meeting up with or attended my panel, I apologize. I had my shitkickers buffed and my wifi antenna packed, but due to financial constraints, I was unable to make it to Austin; it was quite a sad weekend here in Boston.

I did apparently make an appearance on my very own panel.. a tan, svelte speaking moment captured by audience member Anil Dash. We’ll just say I’m way ahead of Steve Mann in my telepresence skillz. Just try me.

13 thoughts on “The tan, svelte Marlow

  1. Several of us were talking at Fray Cafe about your appalling absense, each of us agreeing that we would have individually foot the bill for a plane ticket to get you to attend. Next time, let us know… I almost asked for my money back when I heard you weren’t going to be there. Maybe next year?

  2. ok, swarthy vs. svelte:

    for those interested, and because people asked, I know the difference in meaning between these words. I wasn’t trying to say that Anil is both tan and dark. that would be redundant.

  3. Cameron, I wish you would’ve been there, man. I don’t fault you if you didn’t have the cashflow, or whatever, it’s just that it felt really weird to not have you there.

    (For what it’s worth, I’m in the same boat as Erik B…I would’ve chipped on your transportation too…)

    Ah, well, next panel, I suppose.

    Missed you, buddy! -Chelsea

  4. i think swarthy sets a baseline above any amount of tan that I could hope to achieve.

    And cam, on the contradistinction tip:

    unless you put on about 50 pounds, “the svelte marlow” is also a redundancy.

    And for your bro: you got your Cactus Cooler bitch?

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