The price of using social media for politics…

…is that you might end up with a giant pair of boobs next to your campaign videos.

Barack Obama on YouTube

I commend Barack Obama for his use of Youtube, Flickr and Facebook, and I apologize for the fact that “search sexy singles” is the most appropriate advertising they could find to put alongside your campaign.

7 thoughts on “The price of using social media for politics…

  1. Funny…I’ve been working on the flickr site most of the day and came across your pictures from the Webbys…I was also there with my crummy little camera…lol

    Before I knew it I sat and watched all you photos on a slide show. My favorite is still brunch in some resturant. .. and I did leave a comment.

    I am such a people person that I just had to see more of the guy behind the camera. I figured that you were a professional photographer and maybe worked for Yahoo and traveled all around the world taking pictures for them…

    After running around the net in search of Cameron, I read that you are a scientist???

    I am a former teacher and I have told people many times that in the course of 30 years, I can name only 3 students who had it all: Looks, brains, creativity, and people skills.

    By looking at this snapshot of your life, behind and in front of the camera…I saw maybe the fourth person who has it all.

    Judging by the word scientist…I know you have some geek in you…but everything else I saw was so right brained. I really enjoyed your cute comments and watching you have fun with friends.

    The best part of the Webbys was mixing with the energy of brilliant youth that was there and the true spirit of adventure. It makes me secure that my future is in such able hands.

    I have this funny little thing going on with the Prom Queen directors, Andy Dugan, and all the wonderful guys we met. I call it the McHunky Award. You guys Rock! I put that tag on all the guys and named a real hotty McKing. So if you type McHunky in the search for tag you will see the group with the exception of the Big Fantastic.

    Since I did not meet you, would you mind finding any great picture of yourself and add McHunky to your tag list?

    Kathy, David-Michel’s Mom, and I can be found under McQueenBees. That just means we get to pick the McHunkies…lol We call the girls McQueen, but that did not hold up well as a tag. Kathy and I are going to have Tee Shirts made in the fall…Just a way to say thanks. I would do it sooner, but I have to go to Florida for a month and then BM.

    Now, exactly what does a scientist do for Yahoo… or is that a phrase that means something different? I found out I am not really in public relations…I’m an Evangelist. I think that is cool. The group from Swoot all have names other then CEO or president.

    Thanks for providing an evenings entertainment. I love you photos.
    Are you going to Burning Man? I am.

  2. Oh…I agree with you on the above. I am trying to launch a major educational platform that will need to be totally isolated in cyberspace because of the problem you mentioned above. So far ,the sweet SWOOT guys and the Webby Ambassador for the Netherlands and Australia have comfirmed to be on the team. Jerome from the Webbys also talked to be at great length and offered to help. We are trying to form a profession learning community through collaboration. PWC says this is the way to get things done:)

  3. It is same like propaganda. A media should be treated as a medium to shout the truth, but it’s seems like to be more like a place to influent the people thought in propaganda’s way!

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