Today I cancelled my MySpace account

I’m not one for being rash and I am not particularly worried about privacy online. I used Friendster frequently for a couple of years and I remember when people’s accounts started mentioning “moving to MySpace because it’s better,” and frankly I can not remember for the life of me what the argument was. Nonetheless, IContinue reading “Today I cancelled my MySpace account”

The price of using social media for politics…

…is that you might end up with a giant pair of boobs next to your campaign videos. I commend Barack Obama for his use of Youtube, Flickr and Facebook, and I apologize for the fact that “search sexy singles” is the most appropriate advertising they could find to put alongside your campaign.

Orkut to take over MySpace?

Alexa has recently been improving the global coverage of their traffic statistics. Their Global 500 now shows a number of sites that have almost zero attention in the US market (e.g. Baidu, QQ, and Yahoo Japan). Many on this list had a negligible presence on Alexa a year ago, most likely due to their marketingContinue reading “Orkut to take over MySpace?”

Facebook opens registration

Facebook has recently been making big changes, such as offering APIs and experimenting with privacy. Some of these changes have been met with positive feedback, and others with hostility, but it is obvious from these recent experiments that they are testing new waters. Probably the biggest change they have proposed though is opening registration toContinue reading “Facebook opens registration”