Props to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International AirportI’m supposed to be eating Tex-mex in Austin right now, reliving old SXSW’s with that group of people I only see this time of year. Instead I’m in a Courtyard Mariott somewhere in Northern Kentucky. Apparently not the part where the bourbon flows freely from spigots one every street corner.

But I’m not mad, I’m glad. The room is comped, my flight isn’t too early in the morning, and they have free high speed internet access. I guess they do this sort of thing often in Cincinnati because after landing they asked people to raise their hands if they had a connection to make. Even the staff raised their hands. It was a straight up connection party on that plane.

The hour and a half spent on the tarmac in Boston cost Deltinental severely, because I’d say a good third of the plane missed the last flight of the night. When we all staggered to the ticket counter, there was a giant sign that said “hotel accomodations,” and they had already prepared vouchers for room, board, and pre-printed our tickes for the morning. Now that’s what I call service.

So if you’re going to fly through a hub during the snowy season, make sure to fly through Cinci, because they won’t give you this “we’re not liable for flights delayed due to weather” bullshit. They give you the red carpet. Or something. In fact, in 2004 it was rated Best Gateway Airport in the US of A.

6 thoughts on “Props to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

  1. Of course I assume you you mean the first trip to the Boiling Pot… Anil said something about “two meals a day for three days, if his arteries can take it.”

  2. Of course, overstated readers will probably be stuck Cincinnati for three or four weeks. Good thing it is a nice place. 😉

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