Google succeeded? Only time will tell…

Let it be recorded:

This past weekend over lunch I placed a long bet with Daniel Egnor: within the next 6 months I ventured that Google will no longer be the coolest search engine on the block.

The wager: $2.

The arbitrator: Joshua Schachter.

2 thoughts on “Google succeeded? Only time will tell…

  1. I’ll join that bet. But how lame is $2. I know you’re a graduate student, and all, but can’t you even bet a beer (not in this town for $2). Anyway, I agree with Anil, that six months is way too soon. If there were a reasonable challenger that would threaten dominance in 6 months, it would be on the radar already. But what does “the coolest on the block” mean, anyway. Vivisimo is pretty “cool,” but it’s not going to rock Google anytime soon. Someone’s going to have to create a seriously better mouse trap to rival Google, and I haven’t seen anything that compelling yet. Unless you’re trading on inside secrets about Nick’s thing…

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