Kevin Mitnick on abstract hacking

Ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick’s book-writing escapades might be more interesting than the book itself:

Terms of Mitnick’s three years of probation — which ends in January — require that he keep his hands off all computers, software, modems, cell phones and any devices that would give him access to the Internet. His travel and employment are also restricted.
Although some of his requests have been denied — especially those relating to travel — Mitnick received permission to carry a cell phone, to visit his book’s New York publicist and to type the manuscript on a computer that is not connected to the Internet.

I wonder how many times Mitnick checked to see if someone had “accidentally plugged the computer into the network.”

3 thoughts on “Kevin Mitnick on abstract hacking

  1. I find it difficult to think he actually stuck to the confines of his probation. Surely he’s been on the internet from time to time. How could he stay away?

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