Reality Check, Please

Food Network apparently has a magazine and the first issue actually has a few interesting articles on food and economics. One, titled Reality Check, Please discusses design tricks on menus that restaurants use to manipulate diners’ psychology. For instance:

Menus typically show prices right after dish descriptions rather than in a column. Why? So you won’t go looking for a cheaper dish. If you see a chicken entree for $17, the restaurant doesn’t want you to notice that the chicken tenders two lines down up are $3 cheaper. Kevin Moll, CEO of Denver’s National Restaurant Consultants, says staggering the prices on a menu leads to a 10-percent increase in sales.

ThatsSoYummy has transcribed the article: Reality Check, Please.

5 thoughts on “Reality Check, Please

  1. I think this work is well done but there’s no theory hiding behind the numbers & the graphs. I think it would be wise to take these numbers and say SO WHAT? What can we say about homo sapiens sapiens because of this data?

    So what if we like Facebook because we can passively interact w/ a wide social network of latent & active ties? So what if we like it because we’re narcissistic?

    Give me more Marlow, give me more. Feed my philosophic wanderlust!

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