Smiths reunion!?

the smithsWhen Johnny Marr left the The Smiths in 1987 over creative issues with Morrisey, rumor has it that the pair were so angry they’d be lucky to set foot in the same room again. The Smiths were over, and fans would just have to accept that. Well, strangeways here we come. This week’s Popbitch email hinted at a possible change in plans.

Duran Duran have done it. The Pogues, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Doobie Brothers and Happy Mondays are all reforming too.

But the big news is that one 80s band no-one ever thought would be getting back together are in “early discussions.”

The Smiths.

One fan had even promised his entire estate if Morrisey and Marr so much as shared an awkward silence for 61 minutes, but it appears that history has resolved things without fan intervention. If the Pixies can get back together and talk about another album, anything is possible. But until anything is formally announced, I’m going to assume that now is actually not very soon to come.

10 thoughts on “Smiths reunion!?

  1. Wow… if the Smiths actually reunited… wow. They helped to put words to my melodramatic teenage years. Thanks for the little bit of hope. The Smiths and the Moz are like old friends that you might not hang out with anymore, bc you have moved to different cities… but you still think of them often.

  2. It aint gonna happen people. The only possibility is a Morrissey (yes, 2 R’s and 2 S’s) and Marr conjoined sadness. Rourke and Joyce sued for their stake of the pot a few years ago. As a huge Smiths fan, this has to be about the 100th time I have heard this since 1987.
    Chock it up as wishful thinking from a loyal fan base. And in case they did decide to set aside differences, god please let them play their old stuff. Steven’s new stuff just reeks.
    Sure it was neat when he was skewering English targets, but now that he permanently resides here in the U.S., well that joke isn’t funny anymore.
    How can someone with his success (is he a deity yet in Mexico…just checking) complain about not being loved.

  3. The Pixies did it for money and nothing but money. Looks like the Smiths are doing the same thing.


  4. Oh man,I would absolutely love it if moz and marr buried the hatchet,lets keep our fingers crossed…The Smiths…yeah!!!

  5. Moz’s new stuff, far from reeking, is light years ahead of any of the smiths stuff. He has nothing to gain from a reunion, unlike the other 3 bored restles individuals. He wouldnt dignify Joyces existance.

  6. When i heard suedehead on tv in i think 92′,and buying viva hate on cassette the very next day and playing it till the print came off.Then discovering “Heart full of Hollow”shortly afterwards,also on cassette and playing that also till the print came off.Being only 17 at the time thease albums changed my life and attitude to thinking about music, in the way i did up until then. This carry’s on today in the music i listen to.So yes yes yes as never seeing The Smith’s play live it would undoubtly be one of the highlights of my life!.Please guy’s do it one more time for the sake of indie and for all the band’s of today that you have influenced!!!!.From a devoted Smith’s fan.cheer’s guy’s.

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