Radiohead “House of Cards” video

Radiohead has just released an amazing video for “House of Cards” that uses no cameras, only lasers and visualization, to produce a sort of vector video game effect: If you’re interested in the technique, you should check out the making of the video, which includes a cameo by visualization superstar Aaron Koblin. Oh, and theyContinue reading “Radiohead “House of Cards” video”

Epic paper airplane flight

What happens when you throw a paper airplane out of the 30th floor of a building? It could nose dive into someone’s head and kill them, or it could sail gracefully for minutes in front of the splendor of the Brooklyn Bridge. This video reminds me of the plastic bag video from American Beauty, onlyContinue reading “Epic paper airplane flight”

Flea market Montgomery: Just like a mini-mall

Every once in a while there’s a meme. Living rooms. Dinettes. Yeah, I’m talkin’ bout flea market! Mongomery! It’s just like.. it’s just like.. a mini.. mall. I have basically been living life through this commercial for the past couple of days, so I had to make a historical note of it; it’s infectious likeContinue reading “Flea market Montgomery: Just like a mini-mall”