Firefox 2 inline spell checker

I usually avoid the initial release candidates of open source software, but Firefox just released their beta 2 candidate about a month ago. I finally got around to installing it this week and I have to say it’s not that mind-blowing. They’ve added cleaner RSS support, more intelligent tabs, and a number of features thatContinue reading “Firefox 2 inline spell checker”

Wikipedia to overtake porn

It’s a well-known fact that pornography drives the development of technology. Whether you’re talking about the Internet, VHS, or papyrus, porn pushed the envelope and paid the way for the development of the underlying media. Well, I hate to admit it, but it appears that pr0n is moving on: As this Google trend clearly shows,Continue reading “Wikipedia to overtake porn”

Intercontinental Internet (Boeing Connexion)

I am on my way to Denmark for Hypertext ’06 and have the privilege of riding on Scandinavian Airlines. I was told by a few people that the seats offered more legroom and that the overhead bins were almost unreachable (thank you tall Scandanavian peoples). These are but mere urband legends, but one story IContinue reading “Intercontinental Internet (Boeing Connexion)”

Tiny but deadly

The Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) has completed a study of the recent Sapphire virus, with some fascinating results (and noted missteps by the programmer). As opposed to previous viruses, which depended on responses from randomly chosen potential hosts, Sapphire sent UDP packets that required no such return. In other words, Nimbda andContinue reading “Tiny but deadly”

Stick to what you know

Google is currently testing distributed computing as an option of its toolbar. Sergei Brin (Google co-founder) says that the initial use of the computation will be for the Folding@Home project at Stanford, but also says that it might be aimed at internal search problems. It seems awkward for a company who has sold themselves onContinue reading “Stick to what you know”

Viral fact checking

Okay, so the mass media attention to weblogs has officially tipped, thanks to the blogger manifesto and a host of articles from microcontent news. Yesterday’s article in the daily standard, “Reading, Writing, and Blogging” is yet another of what will be the landslide of articles touting or discrediting P2P Journalism. What I found facinating fromContinue reading “Viral fact checking”