Youtube Epidemiology Interface

Youtube launched the most amazing statistics recently, hidden under their collapsed “Statistics & Data” header. Instead of a random list of awards, it now shows a timeline of the growth of the video’s popularity along with references to each source. Take for instance the video “Chap-hop History” by Mr. B the Gentleman Player: In additionContinue reading “Youtube Epidemiology Interface” is a community “for people with large data sets,” founded by Aaron Swartz. It’s essentially a wiki and a few Google Groups centered around three topics: Get: acquiring data through scraping, crawling, or otherwise Process: conversions, queries, algorithms and the like View: visualization in any number of forms I’m excited by the definition ofContinue reading “”

Orkut to take over MySpace?

Alexa has recently been improving the global coverage of their traffic statistics. Their Global 500 now shows a number of sites that have almost zero attention in the US market (e.g. Baidu, QQ, and Yahoo Japan). Many on this list had a negligible presence on Alexa a year ago, most likely due to their marketingContinue reading “Orkut to take over MySpace?”

LinkedIn to launch answers product

In a marketwatch story and online video interview, Keith Rabois of LinkedIn revealed that the business network is planning to launch a question/answer service similar to Yahoo! Answers, but directed at business intelligence. The service will take advantage of the identities LinkedIn users have taken time to construct, and utilize the existing social relationships asContinue reading “LinkedIn to launch answers product”

Explanatory algorithms

There is a trend in recommender systems that I think is extremely interesting: systems are starting to explain themselves. The first place I noticed this was at Amazon in their personal recommendations section, at the bottom of a given suggestion: In this case, Amazon recommended Moon Palace because I had rated another book by PaulContinue reading “Explanatory algorithms”

Amazon launches answers site

Today I received an invite to join a new community at Amazon called Askville: You’re Invited! As a valued Amazon customer, you’ve been specially picked to get an early look at a new website called Askville where you can ask any question on any topic and get real answers from real people. It’s new, andContinue reading “Amazon launches answers site”