Calculating risk with MicroCOVIDs

It is hard to estimate how our daily activities contribute to contracting COVID-19. How risky is a 60-minute trip to the supermarket? How about a presidential debate with a known infected individual? The Microcovid Calculator is a simple tool to calculate risk based on published scientific literature on transmission. It outputs risk in the formContinue reading “Calculating risk with MicroCOVIDs”

An exceptionally simple theory of everything

Clive Thompson provides a nice backstory to the Physics paper most likely to become a movie if it’s true: An exceptionally simple theory of everything” by Garrett Lisi, a 39-year-old surfer/physicist affiliated with no university. The Wikipedia page provides a nice explanation of the paper, its reception by the physics community, and a pretty visualizationContinue reading “An exceptionally simple theory of everything”