The Significance of Diaries

While reading for my generals, I have been taking note of all weblog/diary related material with the intention of posting it eventually. Today I ran across an engaging quote in Yi-Fu Tuan’s paper Significance of Artifact: Diaries retain a measure of the past in the present. First as a physical object we can see thatContinue reading “The Significance of Diaries”

OpenSource Science vs. The Journals

Ever since George Soros announced that he would be donating $3 million to the Budapest Open Access Initiative, debate over the e-journal versus traditional journals has been heating up. An article today from the BBC points out some a few critics attacking the net journal initiative. In many ways, these criticisms are the same onesContinue reading “OpenSource Science vs. The Journals”

Scrabble vowels gone missing

People making games beware: Scrabble vowel shortage revealed, thanks to faulty pseudorandomness. Also a tasty morsel of Scrabble trivia: Alfred Butts invented Scrabble in 1931 after studying the front page of the New York Times for months to calculate how often each of the 26 letters in the Roman alphabet is used in English words.Continue reading “Scrabble vowels gone missing”


In today’s SearchDay, Chris Sherman introduced a new project from the Columbia Natural Language Processing group called Newsblaster, an automatic content aggregator, which, unlike Blogdex, actually culls similar content into one descriptive passage. Chris noted: “If such a system were combined with a URL monitoring service, and seeded with a taxonomy of subjects personally interestingContinue reading “NewsBlaster”