The lost tapes of Delia Derbyshire

The author of the original Dr. Who theme song, Delia Derbyshire, recently passed away leaving behind hundreds of previously unknown recordings from the 60’s onward. On one track, she notes, “uhh, forget about this, it’s for interest only” and proceeds to drop a track that could very well be in the Warp catalog.

My year in travel, 2007

In the webloggian tradition, my year in cities and towns for 2007: New York, NY Carmel Valley, CA San Francisco, CA Ithaca, NY Dublin, Ireland Barcelona, Spain Washington, DC Arcata, CA Greenport, NY Laguna Beach, CA Las Cruces, NM Rincón, Puerto Rico One or more nights spent in each place, with italics denoting places IContinue reading “My year in travel, 2007”

Five things you didn’t know about me

I don’t usually participate in the “what is your favorite citrus fruit?!?” games, but when Chad calls, I listen. I got tagged Chad, Cody, Ian and some number of intermediaries back to the ur post. 1. I wanted to be an engineer from a very young age. When I was 5 years old, we hadContinue reading “Five things you didn’t know about me”

Exercise the body

I went to the gym today, which is strange because I’m typically a Monday/Wednesday/Friday gym person, and was surprised to see all the same people that I see on my normal schedule. Until now I had expected that all of them, the I-like-coffee-with-my-weights guy, the older-but-fitter-than-thou couple, and the attention-deficit-fitness kid were just like me,Continue reading “Exercise the body”

Distributed picture-taking

An experiment in distributed storytelling: while attending South by Southwest, every time I went to take a picture, I was preempted by another, more photo savvy individual. So where’s my photo album? Take a tour with some of my friends: playing kickball, acquiring a “tan” (that’s me way in the back, credit: min jung) firstContinue reading “Distributed picture-taking”