HT06, Tagging Paper, Taxonomy

Today I’m presenting a paper I coauthored with Mor Naaman, Marc Davis and danah boyd entitled “HT06, Tagging Paper, Taxonomy, Flickr, Academic Article, ToRead.” It’s possibly the least memorable title in ACM history, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. This publication is a position paper, and as such is focused onContinue reading “HT06, Tagging Paper, Taxonomy”

Weblogs and authority

This week I’ll be presenting a paper at the International Communication Association Conference in New Orleans titled Audience, Structure and Authority in the Weblog Community. The paper is an analysis of two different metrics for measuring authority within weblogs: Blogroll: A link from one weblog to the top-level of another, (e.g., links to, http://www.overstated.netContinue reading “Weblogs and authority”