Best Coffee Ever: Gimme Coffee

I’m not usually that impressed when someone receives a “Best of” award. The ones given out here in Boston include hundreds of categories, such as the illustrious Best Jewelry, Classic, West; and who can forget the inimitable Best Men’s Clothing Store on the Cape. This is Economics 101: given a fixed demand for “Best of”Continue reading “Best Coffee Ever: Gimme Coffee”

The (once) underground pepper

A while ago on one of my favorite cooking shows the chef made a dish with chipotle peppers. She extoled their unique flavor as “bacon for vegetarians.” With a description like that, I couldn’t resist trying a bunch of different recipes laden with these mysterious peppers. Chipotle (pronounced chee-POHT-lay) peppers are simply smoked red jalapenos,Continue reading “The (once) underground pepper”

Another leap in the deep-fried arms race

Somewhere deep in the provincial regional fairs of America, food technicians have come up with a response to the ever-popular Scottish late-night treat, the deep-fried Mars bar. Using only stock USA-made products, this new invention may be the end-all in end-all diets: the DEEP FRIED TWINKIE. In what may be the biggest setback for theContinue reading “Another leap in the deep-fried arms race”

Ming Tsai vs. Gravedigger

Last night: Blue Ginger, a sumptuous meal cooked by celebrity chef Ming Tsai in person (host of “East Meets West”) Today: Monster Jam at the Worscester Centrum with celebrity trucks Gravedigger and Robosaurus (eats trucks for lunch). 180&; of culture swing in less than 24 hours. The verdict to come: which is more enjoyable? EatingContinue reading “Ming Tsai vs. Gravedigger”