“Foster” by Bennett Robot Works

For Christmas I received an amazing sculpture from my fiancée who apparently is some sort of gift-memory genius. We saw a few of Gordon Bennett’s robot sculptures at the Wired pop-up store in Soho and she did some pretty amazing detective work to get one. This robot is named Foster and comes from the BennettContinue reading ““Foster” by Bennett Robot Works”

Here’s Looking At You

Here’s Looking At You is a brilliant short film by Lenka Clayton and James Price which exposes how people judge each other on first impression. Beyond all of the depressing skepticism that these subjects expose, I find it fascinating how much information people draw from a nearly-still image. It definitely shows how important a photoContinue reading “Here’s Looking At You”

Transforming Citroën: first flight

My friend Dan Paluska is working on an art project in the suburbs of Paris with Chico MacMurtrie called totemobile. I’m sure they have some fancy art words to describe it, but this is how I see things. First, there was the dancing Citroën: People laughed. People cried. People feared that Transformers are coming toContinue reading “Transforming Citroën: first flight”