Is this thing on?

The path dependence of life leads to some pretty suboptimal outcomes sometimes.

I used to have a practice of writing every day. It was rewarding! I met some cool people and learned a few things along the way.

Then along came social media. What a great idea! All of my friends were in one place, and I got all kinds of reactions and comments on the things I was writing about. It was so much fun, I went to work for a couple of social media companies for almost a decade.

Then one day I woke up and didn’t know who I was writing for anymore – were these really my friends? Did I want to compose all of my thoughts in short snippets or photos?

I have come to the conclusion lately that having an archive of my own writing and thoughts is much more important than how many people end up reading or reacting to it. So here I am, resurrecting my blog after over a decade. The question is, when I hit post, does anything still happen? We shall see.

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