Puli Escape Artist

Our puli puppy Tibor has been escaping from his pen lately. I wanted to see how exactly he was getting out every time we left the house. So I put him in his pen, and recorded this.

I feel horrible about having had him scale the pen 4 times, so the pen has been removed. I am completely in awe of his jumping prowess. Here is his new pen:

This is the pen that an escape artist gets
This is the pen that an escape artist gets

3 thoughts on “Puli Escape Artist

  1. oi man, you shouldn’t put Tibi in a pen.. or as a matter of fact keeping him in a flat isn’t a good idea either (esp. because they’re very talkative). i don’t know where you got him, or what you’ve been told, but pulis are born shepherds and they long for the wide, open places. if you must keep him in a flat, you have to take him on long walks every day. another thing that makes them depressed if they’re alone. A puli is a lifelong companion and take that seriously. if you can’t spend enough time with him, then i suggest you buy another dog of equal or bigger size so he wouldn’t be lonely. 2 more thing and i stop preaching:
    – i know he doesn’t look much now, but as he grows he will be very strong and buff under all that hair, never underestimate him. keep an eye on him around strangers, they’re prone to be suspicious and protective, and they have the heart of a lion. expect fights, esp. if you intend to keep him inside and/or alone.
    – once the hair grows over his eyes you should NEVER ever cut it down. you can trim it a bit if it gets unkept or too long but don’t cut it, cause he can go blind permanently.

    that’s it. good luck.

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