127 thoughts on “The Weirdest Dog Ever

  1. Guy from the office… cant remember name i think its steve carrol as said above, but hes making this umm *speech* in bruce almighty in the news anchor room when bruce is sabotaging him.

  2. LMFAO!! hillarious =P

    i think the dog has brain damage or rabies or somthing, should probably check that out =S

    lol =]

  3. Whoever posted the response…friggin’ hilarious. I think this dog found his owner’s stash.

  4. I think the second one was the sound clip from Bruce Almighty when Evan is being controlled by Bruce to ruin his job.
    Both are hilarious! hahahaha.

  5. I think the first one is for real, you can actually tell the pup even sounds like a dog and keeps sneezing, it’s tongue is off to the side when it barks, which might be the reason for some of the strange sounds, as for the whinny vocals it’s probably just the way the dog is, kind of like Nanny Fine with her whine… LOL Mind you I love Nanny Fine! It’s just freakin’ excited over something.

    The second one has got to be a voice over of the Bruce Almighty scene.

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  7. god, poor goggie seems to be either toothless or half sedated. He’s hilarious but makes me sad in the same time

  8. This is an elderly poodle with no teeth, i only know this cuz my mom had one and when she got old and lost her teeth it was the same… LMAO tho!!!!

  9. The videos themselves were pretty damn funny. But then to read Laine feel the need to explain that one is real and the other one isn’t so real, made this trip to the site hilarious.

  10. This is clearly a dog with a human brain inside of it. The human is trying to speak but because the dog doesn’t have the capacity for human language it comes out like so. We need to help whoever has been put inside this dog!

  11. Oh man, the best part from Bruce Almighty with the best dog ever. I didn’t even recognize it at first, haha. It synchs perfectly!

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  13. omg. I can’t even breathe for laughing so hard. Holy crap. HAHAHAHAHA wow… I thought the first one was just as much as I could possibly take…and then I saw the second one. Oh, I have to pee…ROFL

  14. Ok, I don’t know if you people are trolls or just retarded, but isn’t the voice-over from Evan Almighty? I thought Bruce Almighty was that Jim Carrey movie, not Steve Carell.

  15. dude this is not fucking funny. the dog clearly has some kind of neurological condition. it looks like it’s in pain. you fuckers are sick

  16. @lomono

    No, Bruce Almighty. Steve Carell is the news anchor that Jim Carrey’s character tries to sabotage during a broadcast. I know this because I have never seen Evan Almighty, and I remember that scene clearly because it was hilarious. So apparently YOU are a troll or retarded. Just sayin’.

  17. its having a seizure! TAKE IT TO THE HOSPITAL DONT FILM IT. either that or i see a long history of abuse.. that dog has no teeth… and ill bet its old. real old. looks like its trying to fend off an attack. lol at first…

  18. that is definitely steve carell. It’s from bruce almighty but jim carrey doesn’t say that part

  19. i’m pretty sure your dog is having a facial seizure. my dog has them too sometimes, smaller dogs often have blood sugar issues and could be the cause of them

  20. Hilarious! It’s a happily anticipating old, toothless poodle. The original is funny, but the retort made me laugh to tears.

  21. your all retarted, the second video is of steve carell from anchorman, dubbed over the actions of a dog. geniuses.

  22. So there I was, enjoying a peaceful Friday night, stoned. And I stumbled this.

    I think I have ruptured my anus from laughter. Which is disheartening, as I was still planning on using it.

    Cameron, I’m male. But I am ready to propose.

  23. I remember the explanation from the original video, thought the dog had to undergo surgery, and this was right after, when he/she was still a bit drowsy. Why do so many people assume the dog is fed drugs? (ok, sedatives are drugs, but you get my point) Or is there some trolling going on?

    And oh dear, playing those two at once….

  24. you suckers mean!! the dogs bottom teeth are just missing and hes excited1 thats all. nothin wrong with it! just fine. have you never seen a dog with no bottom teeth. the response video was great lol

  25. It’s a thing that happens to certain breeds of pedigree dogs.
    It’s brain is growing to big for it’s skull. And the dog is in constant agony.

  26. OMG!!!! I love Steve Carrell in Bruce Almighty!!! That was hilarious…but seriously WTF is wrong with the dog? Its trying to eat its tongue?

  27. There is nothing wrong with the dog. It clearly has no teeth which is why the tongue is not controlled and flops where ever it wants. It’s excited… apart from that, the only problem it suffers from is ugliness.

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  29. Probably a dog that had to have its teeth removed so that it didn’t get gum infections. This is common for older dogs. This is probably after the surgery when the dog is still loopy and his moth is sedated. Just like trying to spit after the dentist, the dog is probably freaking out it has no control over its tongue and face.

  30. BaHahaha. Poodles are so bizarre…they’ll yap and freak out for hours on end, for no obvious reason. I own one, and she’s COMPLETELY nutty, but utterly adorable. And the use of the “Bruce Almighty” track is just so fitting…

  31. .) It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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