Filter for good (or bad)

Brita Filters and Nalgene are teaming up in an effort called “Filter for Good,” in which consumers can buy two individual products to decrease the production of those nasty plastic water bottles (read: the greening of America = $$). In addition to ridding the world of plastic water bottles ((that is, if you actually remember to carry your Nalgene and Brita with you everywhere)), you’ll also be helping produce animal testing equipment and probably drinking the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A. Hmm, actually, this doesn’t sound so green anymore.

7 thoughts on “Filter for good (or bad)

  1. You can get filters at the same price point that lat longer and are far superior fron Crystal Quest, take 1/10 of the money you save and give it to a good organization instead of being a good comsumer and feeding the marketing hype.

    As for bottles, I like french enameled flasks but the FDA decided that if idiots dent them they might not be safe, so the french said who needs dollars anyway. I have several I bought from campmor.

    Enjoy the plasticizer leaching bottles and the overpriced two generations old filtering. Lots of stylish marketers are living fat.

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