Today I cancelled my MySpace account

I’m not one for being rash and I am not particularly worried about privacy online. I used Friendster frequently for a couple of years and I remember when people’s accounts started mentioning “moving to MySpace because it’s better,” and frankly I can not remember for the life of me what the argument was. Nonetheless, I eventually created an account for myself and all of my musical identities, and I befriended some 50 or so people which were at least 50% musical entities.

I never really “got” MySpace. Not many of my friends use it regularly, except those who enjoy dating and of course those with bands. I’ve always been a bit embarrassed by the site design and the resulting profile pages that people create there. I still use it to promote my music and I see the value as a publishing tool and media hosting service. However, for the last year I have not logged in to MySpace under my own identity once, and I receive at least 10 spam friend invitations per month.

So today I cancelled my MySpace account.

Unlike so many web brands that I identify with (Flickr, Upcoming,, and Facebook, to name a few), I see no long term value for remaining a MySpace member. Here’s my reasoning:

  • It’s not easy to do anything
  • There aren’t any services provided that aren’t available elsewhere
  • I don’t need to be a member to take advantage of their media
  • There aren’t any members with whom I could not communicate otherwise
  • I’m not looking to find people to date

Which leaves me with zero reasons to remain a member. So long MySpace, and thanks for all the free webcam girls.

20 thoughts on “Today I cancelled my MySpace account

  1. totally agree. the only reason I keep with it is the band/dj/event info. the stagnation there is appalling. maybe bands will eventually catch on? hard to say.

    btw…what is the name of the plugin handling your comment captcha? i’ve been looking for something along those lines but haven’t had any luck.

  2. You are so patient. I thought of it as the communications equivalent of scrawls on your high school locker and photocopied gig posters. It is an ideal forum for people who don’t actually want to say or express anything though. It postively excells at not doing much with as much pomp and circumstance as possible. From this perspective it is positively outstanding.

  3. The only thing keeping me on MySpace is that my teenage daughters that live in another state are both on MySpace and that is my primary way of keeping up with them. I get pics, blogs, messages. I guess they could always (gasp) email me, but these kids today think email is lame.

  4. I’ve been to MySpace. That’s about the best I can say about it. I took a look and decided it was something I didn’t need. Your post about MySpace is helpful. I had been thinking about looking at it again. Not now. Better things to do.

  5. I always thought myspace was stupid for anyone over the age of 22. I am 44 and my best friend is 44 and all she talks about is myspace this and myspace that and frankly she’s behaving like a 20 year old.

  6. I want to cancel but I “have to be logged in to do that” and one of the main reasons I want to cancel is because I can’t log in. One evidently can’t let others leave messages on their blogs–it looks like this is what messed me up twice. I didn’t click on the No Comments at the end of the blog.

  7. I agree with the singles thing. I recently got married and have come to realize that really the sole reason why I had a MySpace – to meet girls – was irrelevant. The only reason I spend more than 2 minutes on MySpace anymore is to check out my wife’s hot, single friends. I haven’t even updated my profile in nearly a year.

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