Most hated things on the web

There are a lot of angry people in the world. These people typically have a number of gripes, and sometimes one of them stands above everything else. Those who have web savvy might even take it to the rest of the world through a passionate blog or unifying community website. I was interested in what Google thought the most hated things were, and this is the list:

  1. Cilantro
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Starbucks
  4. Divorce
  5. Emo kids
  6. Clowns
  7. Cubicles
  8. SBC Yahoo
  9. Haggling
  10. Macs

From this logic, I present a highly unsuccessful personals ad:

Part-time clown seeks cilantro-loving emo kid. My house in Brooklyn , my cubicle in Manhattan (selling SBC Yahoo), but my heart is with Austen (die hagglers!). Let’s grab a Starbucks or just chat on our powerbooks!

Surprisingly, I find myself being quite a big fan of most of them. Maybe people just hate the things I like, but probably these things get more attention because they are highly divided topics.

26 thoughts on “Most hated things on the web

  1. That’s not how Google works. It’d be more meaningful to search for “i hate [each phrase]” and compare numbers of results.

  2. for me it is so hard to comprehend the rampant mac bashing from the m$loth faithful. what in the world does microsoft do to innovate or inspire any type of loyalty in the customers? they spend more time on DRM crap than any other company, hand over “trusted” protected processes to their corporate buddies while the end-user gets screwed.

    it took them how long to unveil vista? and has it been anything but an abysmal failure? no it hasn’t. then theres the zune, which marketability is laughable, the best “feature” is more locked down then a maximum security prison.

    yes im a mac evangelist, yes i’ve been one my entire life, and yes i will admit the smugness of mac users (especially ones that are clueless about using computers in general) does bother me. but the fact of the matter is, mac os X is significantly better than any windows platform to date (including vista) and no its not because its pretty and all that superficial nonsense PC haters use to fuel their asinine arsenal. I spend just as much time bash scripting *nix tools in the terminal as i do with the aesthetically pleasing UI frontend to darwin. All the PC arguments for superiority have crumbled with each well planned step apple makes. Cheaper computers. answer: mini, faster answer:intel chips more games: run windows (if you have to) on an intel mac (with 0 performance loss)
    the developer tools are unmatched for os x, does m$loth offer free developer tools that come even close to interface builder or xcode? with all the core technologies that anyone with the motivation can easily build phenomenal iApplications of their own?

    i guess just more fair weather apple bashers jumping on the “hate apple” band wagon

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