Newspapers and search advertising

When searching, I am always interested to see who is paying for the sponsored ads for my query. A while back I searched for some information on the Cory Lidle plane crash and was completely surprised to see iVillage and the New York Times paying for my attention: My initial assumption was that most peopleContinue reading “Newspapers and search advertising”

Explanatory algorithms

There is a trend in recommender systems that I think is extremely interesting: systems are starting to explain themselves. The first place I noticed this was at Amazon in their personal recommendations section, at the bottom of a given suggestion: In this case, Amazon recommended Moon Palace because I had rated another book by PaulContinue reading “Explanatory algorithms”

Flickr spam email

I received a strange email this morning, addressed to my blogdex email address which has nothing to do with Flickr, but exceptionally high SpamRank: From: Dee ( To: Subject: question about your photo I’ve accidently found your photo at a flickr and i’m very interested in it. Can you tell me what place iContinue reading “Flickr spam email”