Myspace graffiti

While walking through the streets of Florence, we stumbled upon a perplexing piece of graffiti:

I’m sure people have written about MySpace and tagging, but this is absurd. How did AndyG, a 25 year old hip hop artist from Orange County (or a fan) decide to promote his music on an ancient building in Florence?

If this graffiti artist had read the plaques before tagging, s/he could have actually put this advertisement on the birthplace and childhood home of Michaelangelo, which was right across the alley.

6 thoughts on “Myspace graffiti

  1. just some advice, I agree with you however I think you’re only giving him what he wants by placing the photo on your site. I would blur the myspace url.

    just an idea.

  2. you can’t necessarily assume with any certainty that is was definitely Andy G who wrote it.

    sounds like kind of a funny prank to me

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