Weird Al – White and Nerdy

weird al - white and nerdyWeird Al has a way of coming out of nowhere and grabbing the attention of a generation of nerds, well, just about once per generation of nerds. For me it was Michael Jackson (video), for some it was Nirvana (video), and maybe even The Kinks for a few. There is something beatuiful about the nerdification of pop culture. Of course there were a few misses in there as well.

This was mostly before the internet, of course. A song from his upcoming release Straight Outta Lynwood titled “White and Nerdy” has been leaked and is currently doing its rounds on the Web:

Original: Chamillionaire – Ridin’ Dirty (video)

Nerdification: Weird Al – White and Nerdy (audio)

The copy on putfile currently has over 1250 diggs, and for good reason: the lyrics are f’ing hilarious.

My MySpace page is all totally pimped out
Got people beggin’ for my top eight spaces
Yo, I know pi to a thousand places
Ain’t got no grills but I still wear braces

One question I’ve always had is what the original artists think of these parodies. Well, the artist responsible for “Ridin’ (video),” Chamillionaire, has put the Weird Al version up on his Myspace profile. I guess he likes it. Weird Al also notes that the video is finished, which is less surprising than the fact that he has an active Myspace blog.

Update: Youtube has a copy of Al’s video, proving that he is actually cooler than previously thought.

Update: The RIAA has forced Youtube to remove the video (which was previously hosted here). This is an unfortunate tragedy. I wonder if they would allow it if Al’s label understood how good it would be for his career.

Update: Youtube is hosting the video again:

17 thoughts on “Weird Al – White and Nerdy

  1. It was removed due to the fact that AOL was going to premiere the video last night, but decided not to since it was already leaked. This actually hurt Al in some ways, but people still saw it, and will hopefully still buy the album when it comes out.

  2. Actually, you can now see the video on Al’s Myspace, so if you didn’t catch it on YouTube, you can still see it. It’s also on a lot of other sites, such as

  3. I find it pretty funny that the RIAA of all organisations forced YouTube to remove the video. Obviously they’ve not heard one of Al’s other songs on the album, in which he royally slaughters their behaviour towards copyright infringement.

  4. Love this guy. I’ve been watching that video at least once a day since it hit the web, and I’m buying the CD. If Al could make a pay-as-you-rip copy that I could put in an mp3 player (or the player in a cell phone), I’d be ready with my Pay Pal account. Btw, that’ll be the next thing – cell phone ring tone w/ White and Nerdy.
    Love your stuff, Al. Been listening to you since you started. This world is such a mess, but you’re one of the best things in it. Thank you for being.

  5. weird al is not one of the best, he is the best!!! P.S. I am his biggest fan and anyone who thinks he/she can challange my fandom then I dare you!!!

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