Intercontinental Internet (Boeing Connexion)

I am on my way to Denmark for Hypertext ’06 and have the privilege of riding on Scandinavian Airlines. I was told by a few people that the seats offered more legroom and that the overhead bins were almost unreachable (thank you tall Scandanavian peoples). These are but mere urband legends, but one story I heard holds true: in-flight wifi internet access.

I’m sending this from my flight, and for all intents and purposes the service beats most airport terminal. Connections are extremely flaky during takeoff, but nearly seamless once in flight. Broadband Reports shows a downspeed of 199kbps up and 22kbps down, not bad for a highly shared connection.

Power is available in a standard 110 A/C jack in Business and First Class, but unfortunately the losers in coach have to bring extra batteries (or cheat by taking an extended bathroom break and plugging into the shaver outlet).

And of course pricing is on the expensive side: $9.95 for 1 hr., $14.95 for 2, and $26.95 for the entire flight. This pricing model has not produced the response that Boeing had expected; the owner and operator has just decided to drop the service, a group that employs 400 individuals. However, another vendor, ASiQ, has decided to take over the service at a lower price. I really hope this is not my last in-flight blog post.

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