Snakes out of the plane

Sure, I’ve got tickets to the 10pm showing of Snakes on a Plane tonight. With the help of Justin, we might be eating some dips and pretzles off of a blueprint-covered table (snacks on a plan). I’ve been impressed with all of the quite-savvy marketing done on behalf of the producers thus far, but I was a little confused when I ran across the Snakes on a Plane Quote Book a few days ago in a bookstore.

Snakes on a Plane Quote Book

Thumbing through the book I realized that these pages completely reveal the plot of the movie. How many Samuel L. Jackson quotes do you need to figure out the entire dialog? My first thought was that this was an error on the part of some publisher or distribution company, but then I realized that it may be yet another stunt to increase the buzz around the movie. How surreal will it be when I’m quoting Mr. Jackson in line waiting for the opening release of the movie? And something tells me I won’t be the only one in line with the same idea.

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