MIT Weblog Survey Update

There have been a few requests lately for the results of the MIT Weblog Survey that I conducted last summer, so I figure I should respond publicly.

I’m sorry for the delay, and I admit I was hopeful in my assessment of the time it would take me to release the results. In the past three months I’ve moved, started a new job and a new life. Things have settled down a bit now, and I have some spare time to devote to writing up the results. I honestly expect to have them done by next week.

In the mean time, if you’d like a copy of my thesis, please email me, I’d be happy to send it to you. I’d just prefer to keep it semi-public until the survey results are posted. Sorry again for the delay.

5 thoughts on “MIT Weblog Survey Update

  1. You’d think by now people would give up on hounding grad students (and former grad students) for their theses. 🙂

    Anyway, don’t sweat it — if you’re taking your time to have a life and deal with every major life change possible, you don’t have to rush out and provide free research to the (two? three?) people who want it RIGHT NOW TODAY, unless they’ve made some payment arrangements with you that we’re not all privy to.

  2. don’t let the jackals get you down. I remember this time when i said i would write a poem for my class, then i didn’t, and when they asked about, i said i would do it tomorrow, and then i couldn’t think of anything to write, so i went to the store and plagiarized a Hallmark card, but it was in the “from a stepdaughter to her grandfather on her mother’s first anniversary as a widow” section, so they thought it was really touching, and i got an A.

  3. You know, when you ask a blogger for help, you’re going to get hounded so that the blogger has something to write about in future.

    Consider it the life of a blogging celebrity. Everyone wants to know what you discovered. But mostly what you say about them…

    Assuming everyone has been polite… ?

  4. Its better late than never. Finally MIT Weblog survey have been updated. So how is your new life and new job going on. Hope all is well.
    Now u have started writing results and expecting them next week.
    Bye for now.

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