Media Lab reunion

media labAfter only a few weeks in my new job I have the opportunity to head back to my alma mater. As it would turn out, the Media Laboratory is having its 20th anniversary, and that, of course, is time for celebration! I’m sure that in the past month they have invented 2.5 new ways of looking at the world, started 5 new blogs, signed 2 new corporate sponsors, and soldered 1,800 blinking LEDs.

That said, I’ll be in the Boston area for the next four days, so give me a holler if you’re around, or just wave at me. I’ll be the guy wearing a giant purple jumpsuit with a giant Y! on the back and yodeling.


4 thoughts on “Media Lab reunion

  1. Does this mean that Blogdex is being discontinued? Please say it isn’t so! It’s not “yet another vertical blog search” — only blogdex has the unstructured format that lets any topic be on it.

    Maintenance has been spotty lately. If you’re not in the care of it, please urge the person who is to do a better job. If no one is, please consider releasing the code to open source so someone can put up a clone.

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