Survey 2, Electric Boogaloo

some graphFor some reason I expected my survey to spread much further and wider than it actually did. At the current moment, the individuals who were emailed about taking the survey (the random sample) outnumber webloggers at large 3 to 1. I really expected things to go in the other direction.

To rectify this situation, I thought I would provide a little incentive. For those individuals who complete the survey, you can see how you compare to the rest of the survey respondents. You can get a taste of the results here:

Of course anyone who has already taken the survey can see their results as well, just log in with your login key. Don’t worry if you threw it away, you can request it again.

The survey is up for another week, until Monday June 27, so if you get a chance… I’d appreciate it.

17 thoughts on “Survey 2, Electric Boogaloo

  1. Great survey and glad I could contribute in the process of freeing you. I will most assuredly spread the word, so the Army of “Free Cameron” will become legion.

    The results are interesting to peruse.

  2. Yes, absolutely. Actually, I think your site alone was one of the bigger sources of subjects. I wrote this post before I added the “buttons” at the end of the survey, and I have to say that this was the most important step in propagating things. I should have taken my lead from the quiz community much earlier…

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. I already made my humble contribution. I answered the survey, and posted about it in my blog.

    At least one of my readers answered it. She also posted about it.
    And according to my stats a dozen of other people have clicked the link to the survey. Hope, it helps.

  4. (manual trackback, since Haloscan refuses to work)

    “June seems to be a good month for surveys. Take this one, if you’re a weblogger and have ten minutes to spare. Cameron Marlow, a graduate student at…”

    Btw, if you could keep the survey running longer than Monday, sometime the survey might take off, but that’s totally unpredictable – and I’m certainly not the only person who’d like to see more representative results, say, somewhere in the range of five to six digits. 😉

  5. Hey,

    I’d like to second the suggestion to keep it up longer than Monday the 27th. Memes sometimes take a while to spark, and certainly, this meme seems to be snowballing among those I read and those who read me.

    I’m curious if there’s a particular reason why it must go down Monday; it seems like taking it down when the rate of respondents begins to peter out would give a much more thorough analysis of the blogosphere.

    -Danae, Class of ’02, technology journalist, and blogger

  6. Ok just an update: as soon as my survey hit LiveJournal I’ve basically spent my time holding the server up with my own two hands. I finally found an Apache configuration that supports the AJAX traffic of hundreds of simultaneous users, and thanks to that I should be secure for a while.

    That said, I think we’re currently in the heavy exponential part of the survey growth. I have no intention of taking it down on the 27th, but the data I use in my thesis will have to be what is there at that time. I’ll leave it up until the interest wanes, and then take it offline until I have time to post the results.

    I’ll make a post soon about the growth of the survey. It’s pretty interesting.

  7. Cool Survey. I got it from a friend… who got it from a friend… etc. I think it’s picking up. Definetly post the results. Some of it was very surprising to me, do you think answers are skewed due to the survey size?

  8. Saw you at Boing Boing (BTW, lastname wrongly spelled 🙂 I just answered the survey and reposted it to my blog, you should be getting some answers from the Spanish blogosphere…

    Good luck!

  9. I just found this survey linked from a different blog that I read (blog that took the survey), so I just completed the survey a few minutes ago — hope you still count it…

    If you do keep it up for another week or two, you’ll get a few more results at least — I was planning on spreading the word from my blog and through AIM 🙂

  10. I also took the survey found on a “Le Monde” (French Newspaper that offers blogs) blog today. I posted a link on mine. I’ll be interested to read you about the growth of the survey !

  11. Hey there, I’m glad you kept the survey up past the 27th, because I just took it today. I’m beginning to see your buttons all over the place.

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