Beat Rick Fox!

fox and jackson, sitting in a treeCome on, we all have a reason to hate the Lakers. If it’s not Rick Fox and his beautiful wife, well, it’s Rick Fox again with his I wear a facemask because I don’t want to hurt my beautiful smile attitude. Or maybe it’s the way that they always squeak out a lucky victory that makes you want to rethink statistics. Or how about Rick Fox? Did I mention Rick Fox? Well, I hate to break it to them, but if you flip the coin enough times, eventually it’ll come up tails, and the entire country will rejoice in your defeat.

The only other dynasty in my sports-watching years was the Bulls, a charismatic team led by a charismatic Michael Jordan. When MJ pulled up for a jumper at the buzzer you were convinced the Bulls would pull it off, and that luck would not be a factor. How can two teams so similar in prowess create such a different reaction from America? My answer: Rick Fox.

I watched the Blazers lose three rough playoff battles (well, rough for me) to the Lakers, and that kind of anguish is bad for a player like Rasheed Wallace. This guy already gets technical fouls without agitation, and you make him guard Mr. Myself-AND-Vanessa-Willams-think-I’m-hot Rick Fox, and you’re bound to give the poor guy a heart attack. It gave me such pleasure tonight to watch Rasheed embarass the Lakers (and Rick Fox) wearing a Detroit uniform. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a team in sports as widely hated as the Lakers, and with this defeat I feel like we can all go to work tomorrow with a little less tension in our shoulders. With only one technical foul tonight, it might even add a few years to Rasheed Wallace’s life (courtesy of Rick Fox).

12 thoughts on “Beat Rick Fox!

  1. Amen. I got up this morning an hour early. I’m working hard at this very moment. I think the Lakers have been the cause of our recession. And with the Pistons’ win, maybe we can go back to 1950’s postwar industrialism. Yay industrialism!

  2. the lakers are a way better team then detroit will ever be, even if they won the larry o’brein trophy, the lakers will be back next year with or without the good players because the lakers will gain from their loss like they always do.

  3. Fuck all the Laker haters You are all just pissed because you know Rick Fox is so cute and he has what all you haters want. ANy ways the lakers will come back next season and still dominate the league. Did any of you know how bad the pistons were offensively they missed the easiest lay ups. Fuck all the laker haters and fuck all the Rick Fox haters. Go Rick FOx and go lakers for life. screw all u laker haters. I l love Rick Fox.

  4. Finally someone else said it. I admit, I have been a Lakers fan since Jerry West was king, and enjoyed being a fan throughout the 80’s when Magic Johnson was scoring triple-doubles every night, but everytime Rick Fox steps on the floor I have had to bear witness to a fifteen point shift in momentum and the next thing you know the Lakers are down by 10. God I hope he’s retiring…and as far as the Lakers being the most hated team in the NBA they are also the most loved in LA, and that will never change.

  5. Screw all the Laker haters and especially all the Rick Fox haters. Just remember how many rings the Lakers have (with Rick) More than your team right. The Lakers will bounce back from this loss and remember that the pistons did not beat the Lakers the Lakers gave them that series. Look out for them they’ll be back. Go Rick Fox my favorite player.

  6. The Lakers gave them that series?!?!?! Is that what you call being dominated for 5 straight games, with the only win coming on a 30 foot last second 3-pointer by Kobe? Giving the series away.

    To be honest, the Lakers were the perfect team for the Pistons to play in the Finals (if they wanted an easy time of it). Stay at home on the shooters, and exploit their inability to defend the pick and roll (or ANY offensive play for that matter) – and you’ll PROBABLY beat them every time (not that Kobe’s “I don’t care if Shaq is 19 for 19, I still need to shoot the ball” attitude didn’t increase Detroit’s margin of victory for most games) 🙂

  7. The lakers rule win or loose. Rick Fox rocks and all you haters suck. Rick Fox is mr. Hollywood and that is why all the guys hate him. All the girls that are hating you are just mad hating cus you can’t have him. Rick fox rocks so fuck all the damn haters. I love rick fox and the lakers and they will always have the best fans. Go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Los Angeles baby!!!

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