Hot Abercrombie hoax

hot abercrombie chickAnyone watching Blogdex over the past few months knows Hot Abercrombie Chick, a.k.a. Amanda Doerty. This site has popped into the top 10 least 5 times since I started noticing. I became interested last week when I saw it for the third or fourth time, and delved a little deeper. As it would turn out, all of the sites that Amanda was posting to were weblogs that posted their most recent comments on their front page, hence exposing comments to Blogdex. In other words, Hot Abercrombie Chick has been gaming Blogdex.

The notion that this attractive college freshman was spending all of her time trolling weblogs looking for exposed weblogs seemed implausable to me. But looking through the comments themselves, it appeared that most, if not all, were at least marginally on topic. In addition Abercrombie Chick was interacting with hundreds of commenters on her own site, and doing quite a good job of it. A person this prolific would have to be unemployed and completely focused, which anyone who has been unemployed knows is impossible.

Something was amiss, and I had to prove that Hot Abercrombie Chick was either a) a totally different girl, b) a guy or c) some team of people creating an identity. And I was devoted to outing this fraud. It turns out that Julia Set beat me to it:

Just received an inside tip that the recently famous Hot Abercrombie Chick is really a male college student capitalizing on cute pictures of his girlfriend (previously unbeknownst to her) in a rush of “beggars” trackbacks. In retrospect, it’s pretty obvious that he is quite the player. Over the course of the last couple of months, “Mr. Abercrombie” has played every text-book trick for raising his popularity on the blogosphere.

Unfortunately there’s still no reference to this indictment on Amanda’s site, and still very little evidence beyond Julia’s post that this inside tip is true. Recent links to the site on Blogdex reveal that someone else is using Amanda’s tactics to call her out ("Comment Spamming Bitch Riding High On Blogdex!").

And I feel like a tool… she’s a man, duh!

April 19: Kevin at Whizbang is calling Julia Set’s bluff and intends to contact Amanda to clear this whole mess up.

April 20: Michael Williams has used Gender Genie to analyze Hot Abercrombie, and the system characterizes her writing as distinctly male.

April 21: this post is currently #2 on Google for the query "Hot Abercrombie Chick." How odd, and so rapid.

April 22: I’ve been collecting some background information on Amanda Doerty. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • There is no mention of the name Amanda Doerty anywhere on the web outside of HAC
  • All of Amanda’s content is hosted on free sites: Blogspot, Tripod and Yaphros (see next), all untraceable
  • HAC photos are hosted on of Yafro (the moblog service started by HotOrNot). Here is her Yaphro site
  • Apparently her site was originally called "Amanda’s Awesome Blog 🙂"
  • HAC’s EatonWeb entry says that her academic weblog is written from Poughkeepsie, NY. The Vassar website has no mention of her anywhere
  • Amanda seems to have been gaming Blogdex since the beginning. Check out her barely-on-topic comment on ScriptyGoddess circa February

April 21: I’ve done some background research on Amanda Doerty, and Ryan has also found nothing with a public records search. Andrew of Julia Set has also put together a list of giant question marks.

April 23: Bluebook (a legal weblog) reports on the possible illegalities of HAC’s political candidacy. If indeed she has a website or raises funds for her campaign under a false identity, she could be committing a felony

April 24: After HAC commented on his weblog, Justin notes that she used an anonymous proxy server to obscure her posting location.

72 thoughts on “Hot Abercrombie hoax

  1. I think the important thing to remember is that she *is* really hot.

    I’ve seen that girl before somewhere, though, which leads me to believe that this isn’t even the guy’s girlfriend, but rather some hot chick that’s been floating around the internet.

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  3. Is Hot Abercrombie Chick that hot? I didn’t think so.

    I just linked to her because she seemed to have something interesting to say – it wasn’t just a random bunch of words.

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  5. Wow, good job. I too had suspected that HAC was a joke – even the sophomoric blog entries on his/her site seemed like a joke.

  6. It’s a hoax, and I’ve got 100% rock solid proof. There’s no arguing with the facts, ma’am, and you’ll be convinced too after you see this.

    Simply take HAC’s latest post about God or something, paste it into the Gender Genie, select “blog entry,” and, whammo, the scientifically rigorous engine will reveal that the author is a guy!

    Case closed.

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  8. The gender genie is a terrible tool. I’m a guy, but that thing thinks I’m a woman about 40% of the time from my articles. And suppose I’m lying, and I were a woman, then it would be more wrong than correct. Either way, it’s a terrible method of evaluating the gender of a writer.

  9. I agree that the Gender Genie is a bad tool. It’s based on work done with formal written text not the ephemeral type of writing that exists on most weblogs. I’m sure it has a massive range of error, especially in the medium that it was developed in.

    At the same time, it’s still another piece of non-evidence that is building a non-case against Abercrombie Chick. It’s the biggest non-event of the year!

  10. I don’t care what her/his/their gender is, I hate the fact that someone is abusing blogdex and personal sites run by individuals for their own gain – without permission.

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  12. So by linking to her yourself, you therefore validate the fact that link spamming and comment whoring works. After all, attention is all that Hot Abercrombie Chick craved, and you are stoking the fire.

    The irony is dripping.

  13. oh please. arent we living in a post irony society? anyways i linked her because me and my friends spend some time there bashing her and her friends. i dont care if thats stoking her cravings for attention – isnt that what everyone on the internet wants anyways, attention?

  14. The Gender Genie is based on some decent statistical analysis, and is generally pretty accurate. Longer writing samples yield better predictions, and typically a single blog post won’t be long enough. That’s why I fed the entire front page into the engine.

    It’s not voodoo, it’s statistics!

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  18. Also worth noting is that a public records search for ‘Amanda Doerty’ shows absolutely jack. That is, no name, address, phone, or SS#. So, unless the HAC appeared out of the ether, she’s either using an alias (which, admittedly, is entirely possible) or, as speculated, she doesn’t really exist.

  19. Whatever happened to the theory that Amanda is actually several people, with distinctly different writing styles, lol? Or the idea that she can’t be the girl in the pics, because that girl wouldn’t be on the computer every night, including Friday and Saturday nights, and so she has to in fact be a male geek, or several male geeks?

    The cold hard truth is that we can’t prove who ANYONE is in the blogosphere. No one likes to be fooled, but any of us who want to can post some hot-babe pics on our own blogs, say that’s us, spend hours promoting our blogs, and put up provocative topics on a regular basis, so if you want her success, don’t beat her (him, them whatever)… join her.

  20. Oh who the hell cares? What is the possible importance whether HAC is a man or a woman, an individual or a group?

    Step away from the keyboard, go check out that big yellow thing in the sky, and come back with some perspective.

  21. Omni: “The cold hard truth is that we can’t prove who ANYONE is in the blogosphere.”

    Maybe not, but anyone who wants to be taken seriously should be willing to own their words.

    If you question my existence, use the form on my site, call me on it, and I’ll be happy to provide a phone number. Alternatively, you could get a name and address from your favorite whois.

    You can be anonymous or you can have credibility, you don’t get both.

  22. Amanda keeps deleting this comment from her site, so I’ll post it here for safe-keeping:

    “Yeah, c’mon ‘Amanda’. Why tell us now after all these weeks that ‘Amanda Doerty’ isn’t your real name?

    One reasonably high quality jpeg of you stood out front of your university holding up a copy of today’s newspaper with ‘’ scrawled across the front of it in magic marker is all it takes to that you are who you say you are. We’re not asking for boob shots here.

    And like I said above, why were you mass commenting on specific sites that you rise your url to the top of the blogdex rankings? And why have you deleted comments in past threads that have asked you about such activities? Why not a straightforward plain denial? And what’s with the use of ‘’ through ‘’ which all meta-refresh link to your main site? Nice of you to delete those account from blogger, but searches and the google cache are our friends…

    And like you said above ‘I didn’t delete any comments…’, so I’m just posting this again so your readers don’t miss it. After all, as I must be wrong you might as well leave this here so you can dispute all my points in public.


  23. I found out that the GenderGenie also thinks that Maureen Dowd is MALE. Quite the little shock that.

    Actually, so far, I found no text at all the GenderGenie considered female.

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  26. The Gender Genie is not “rock solid scientific” proof as some have asserted here. It may be an interesting application of Moshe Koppel’s algorithm but it isn’t full-proof (actually, it’s not clear how the original work was adapted and simplified for the gender genie).

  27. Wow. “A person this prolific would have to be unemployed and completely focused, which anyone who has been unemployed knows is impossible” Who’s that kettle calling whom black?

    Also, from what I’ve seen, gender genie is about as accurate as … well, something really innacurate.

    If she/he is a hoax, though — he/she’s a pretty good one (perhaps a better marketer, though).

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  29. I saw her photo on one of those “Am I hot or Not” Websites. the HAC is not the author’s girlfriend but simply some random attractive blonde photo he found.

  30. Gender Genie is a joke. One look at it will tell you that it’s bogus. The most widely used word in the English language is “the” which is placed on the male side of the spectrum. I’m quite positive that a study would reveal that the word “the” is used just as often by a man as by a woman. Take away “the” all together, or just split it in half, and this chick scores a 50/50 on this test.

  31. 1. HAC is not a real person.
    2. Neither is Selah.
    3. Neither are you.
    4. I hate acronyms (IHA).
    5. Harold Bloom (famous literary scholar [if such a thing exists]) argues that the old testament is just a religiously retooled version of collection of Jewish folk lore assembled into a single text by some talented woman of king Solomon’s court. However, his argument for female authorship comes down to gut feeling (i.e., he can tell by reading it, it was a woman). Many scholars have criticized (Brit., criticised) him on this point, saying there is no recognizable difference between female and male writing styles. Especially none that could be accurately interpreted after several thousand years. What did you have for lunch?

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  33. SHE STOLE MY BLOG! I found MY blogs source code copied onto another site and with ehr name physically added to the blogroll. It completely creeps me out.

  34. Well I only found HAC an hour ago whilst searching for “hot chick blogs” and from the get go I suspected a hoax, only to later find evidence of it. Why did I suspect it? Everyone knows that busty blondes have better things to do than ramble on like a sexually frustrated geek.

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  36. hi i just love it when my favorite protective boyfriend jordan claus is sending me an instant message because when can send one back and forth.

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