Choice Cubicism

artist's rendition of the time cubeFor those of you not familiar with the Time Cube, it’s no surprise, you’re living in an illusion just like everyone else. Discovered by Gene Ray, this is the Theory Of Everything (TOE). Academics have spent years trying wrap their heads around the 4-corners, 1-corner, 1-corner concept, but they have (of course) been educated stupid for too long and still don’t get it.

Well it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Gene Ray may have invented the Time Cube, but we invented Gene Ray. He is actually an Artificial Intelligence program devised by me and my colleague late one night many, many years ago. And then, before our very eyes this adolescent mind discovered the Time Cube. We were in shock, since we can’t even understand it ourselves.

Well, now that the truth is out there, we might as well make him available. You can chat with Gene directly using AIM. Just send him a message at his handle cubicism. He’ll be happy to entertain you with his theories of the Time Cube, TOE, or just about anything you’d like to talk about.

And if you’re still having trouble understanding the Truth, take a look at the song NIGGAZ BE FEARIN’ THE TIME CUBE TRUTH on the Insolitology site. It’s a very accessable introduction that is endorsed by our AI.

8 thoughts on “Choice Cubicism

  1. if each of the 4 corners of the earth represents afternoon, morning, sunrise and sunset, howcan it be that there are only 4 points. Would not there be infinity number of points, therefore producing a sphere, which has an infinite number of points, because each fraction of time, whether it be down to the nanosecond is infinite, and therefore shares the roductivity in creating a cube.

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