Harvard sucks!

One of the wonderful things about being an MIT student is witnessing all of the nerd pride and anti-Harvard sentiment. Like this beautiful piece of hackdom:

harvard sucks sign
Harvard Bridge construction sign (photo by Johnathan Wang)

Apparently the photo was edited and a 4-letter word removed from the third line of the sign. I guess us MIT students aren’t just nerds, we’re also a bit witty.

The MIT Tech: Photograph, Tuesday, April 6, 2004

17 thoughts on “Harvard sucks!

  1. Atlanta Sucks! Georgia Sucks!

    Just kidding of course. I might head down for a visit, but I’m not going to be at the CDC for the summer.

    Must… write… thesis…

  2. how did the rivaldry between harvard and mit began?

    what about intellectual property??

    does mit or harvard copied some publications from each other??

  3. I think the rivalry arises primarily from the position of both schools (right next to each other in Cambridge, MA) and the very different types of students they have. Most people I know who went or go to Harvard say that social advancement is a large part of the experience there, and there is an almost tangibly haughty intellectualism present on the campus. MIT students are almost the opposite: unfailingly practical and concerned primarily with their field and subject material as opposed to social and class-related endeavors.

    Putting those two types of folks within a few blocks obviously has led to some good natured rivalry.

  4. how did harvard suck? can someone please tell me? I’m not aware of this. Is there anything that suck in educational system in harvdard? I like Harvard! Thanks!

  5. Nice nice…but it takes like what 5 minutes, google and a facemask to learn how to do this AND do it. And you don’t even have to be an MIT student for it.
    Get creative…get the herbicide out or whatever xD.

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