Green tea soymilk

vitasoy green stuffI’ll admit that I’m a total sucker for supermarket sale items. I’m not an avid coupon-clipper but when someone puts a giant yellow sign with a price on it next to an item it greatly increases the odds that I’ll buy it.

My latest impulse purchase was a product called Green Tea Soymilk at a price of $0.99 (on sale from $1.99). I was a bit skeptical when I pulled it out of my grocery bag, but d-dang this stuff is the bomb and I can’t hype it enough. It is obnoxiously green and quite creamy, but it tastes just like the green tea ice cream. Every time I drink it I can’t help but feel like I’ve just eaten a large and satisfying sushi meal.

It’s smooth, not too sweet, and has the perfect amount of tea flavor. It’s healthy and I fancy it for a hangover cure. And yes, I work for Vitasoy.

Vitasoy: Green Tea Soymilk

13 thoughts on “Green tea soymilk

  1. Yes, that Vitasoy green tea soy milk is one of the yummiest things that I have ever drank in my life! I hope it stays on the market forever!!

  2. This product is one of the best I have ever had. However, the only place I can find it and buy it is at a store called “Vitamin Cottage”, and they are a hit or miss with it. They tell me that occasionally they have trouble getting it from their buyers, or suppliers.

  3. i can’t have caffine so i make my own delicious concoction by heating 3/4 cups of water and adding a bag of decaf lipton green tea and a splash of silk low fat soymilk. its yum yummy and everyone should do it.

  4. I live in Canada and I used to find this soymilk in my local health food store, but haven’t seen it in years.
    I really loved it, and now that I know it still exists, I’ll try to find it again.

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