12 days of Ludacrismas

check my tekThis week I was down in the ATL at a CDC-related meeting, and had the wonderful opportunity to fall in love with the south all over again. Eating collards and fried chicken, talking about STDs, and of course listening to 107.9. If you haven’t noticed, Atlanta hip hop (Ludacris, T.I., Youngbloodz, Bonecrusher, Lil’ Jon, Outkast, etc.) have been dominating airplay in America for the last few months, and the ATL is quickly becoming the most prominent city of hip hop. And Hot 107.9 is the epicenter of of it all.

While I was in town, Hot107 was running the best promotion ever: The 12 Days of Ludacrismas wherein every day a few people get presents from Ludacris and are entered into a lottery for the grand prize: his and hers matching watches from IceTek valued at over $26k dollars (courtesy of Bonecrusher aka Crusha Claws). Nothing says bling-bling like a watch with 3 carats of diamond chips and a leather wristband, not even an Escalade EXT with 24" spinners.

Let’s just say my cellphone was in use most of the time I was in the car, but unfortunately I was never caller #9.

Icetek watches: Diamond sports watches at uncomparable prices

Mediabase: HOT 107.9 charts

6 thoughts on “12 days of Ludacrismas

  1. mmm…greens…fried chicken…grits…sweet tea…biscuits. man, i so miss the south (and not just because of the food, although it is stellar).

    if you’d like to continue your love affair with atlanta while you’re still living in boston, i highly recommend tom wolfe’s a man in full. it’s a great read.

  2. Hey Cam!! Let me know next time you visit! I’ll be staying on as at the CDC as a fellow. Shoot me an email or give me a ring, ok?

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