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keith hampton - professor social networkThere comes a time in every informant’s life where they realize the value of their information and circumnavigate all of the middle men and speak directly to their audience. After two years of hearing me blather on about weblogs, my social networks/sociology mentor Keith Hampton has decided to become a primary source himself. Instead of keeping this fact a secret, and maintaining a structurally advantageous position, I’ve decided to make this information public for the greater good of the Blogosphere. Aren’t I nice?

Actually, I have an ulterior motive, namely delegating authority on the subjects of social networks. While I try to keep up with news related to networks, I’m not pulling my weight so it’s time to let an expert take over. Keith is a star researcher on the topics of networks, new media technologies, and social capital as a professor in the Urban Studies and Planning department at MIT. So without further ado, please update your blogrolls to Keith’s site for the real meat on social networks.

Keith Hampton:

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