I ♥ my audience

Researchers concur: the fact that I feel guilty about not posting to my weblog means that I am aware of my audience. I wanted to say though that it’s much more than awareness, I really love you guys. All of you, even the ones I don’t know very well. Even Anil.

Instead of bemoaning my busy schedule and lamenting my lack of posts, I thought I’d give my readers an infographic and explaination of why I have lapsed from writing in the past year or so. So here it is:

Layers of Cam
Layers of Cam

There are four layers of activity in my life:

  • Responsibilities: blogdex, grad school, etc.
  • Necessary interaction: email, phone and IM with people who contact me
  • Nonessential communication: weblog, low threshold links and interaction I initiate
  • Leisure: Television, djing, etc.

Some people like to mash up everything on their plate and eat everything at once. I personally keep my dinner separate and distinct, and likewise I have a hard time allowing the outer layers of my life to exist if the core is not satisfied. Note the other half of the onion. That’s procrastination. It’s a mishmash of activities that would be fun except the existence of more central responsibilities makes them totally vapid.

You might be asking yourself why I all of a sudden have time to make infographics. Is it procrastination, or has he reached a sudden point of leisure? The answer is that for the past year I’ve had my general exams lingering over my head. Everything I’ve done for the past 12 months has been guarded by the fact that a huge hurdle of my graduate career was unfinished and collecting dust. Well last week this period of my life finally passed. I’m finally done.

I’m currently working through my inbox and I’m sure to be back on the blogwagon in a few days. Thank god!

6 thoughts on “I ♥ my audience

  1. Look at you pandering for a lo-thresh! I am shocked and saddened by your behavior, onion boy. I am immune to the charm of your infographic, due to the fact that right now I am in the south of france hunting down filming locations for Under the Cherry Moon’s scenes.

    So kiss my assssssssss.

  2. Congrats! I should now call you to tell you in person. But I feel so guilty about not calling for so long that I don’t know if I can pick up the phone. Paralized by procrastination.

  3. Congrats on passing the latest milestone, good luck with the rest. And I just wanted to say that while I have caught myself doing google searches and writing blog posts on procrastination as a way of avoiding the guilt and depression associated with thesis avoidance, I feel well and truly surpassed by your onion.

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