Cubs Lose!! Cubs Lose!!

Harry Caray, lifetime Cubs supporter, alcoholicI’d like to raise my hand in a toast with Harry Caray: to the Cubbies, the only team able to lose back-to-back games with the heart of their pitching rotation, at home in Wrigley Field to give up their best chance at a World Series berth in fifty years.

Every year, come rain or shine I’ll support you despite the fact that you string me along again and again. You are truly the most difficult team to be a fan for, and being the massochists that we are, we love you for it. Thanks for another great season, probably the best ever.

Bottom’s up,
Cameron Marlow
Cubs fan for 20 years

3 thoughts on “Cubs Lose!! Cubs Lose!!

  1. And true Cubs fans know that our mantra still stands. “Wait ’til next year.” I am serious, next year is going to be amazing. Zambrano, Prior, Clement, and Wood will dominate. I have had discussions with Cubs fans over this year’s fate and it is amazing how well we remembered previous disappointments; i.e. 1984, 1989, and 1998. We take it with great relish.

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