AoIR Toronto

For the first time during my many-legged tour, the city of Toronto is the first to provide any level of connectivity, with an open network drop in my room, free wireless in a number of spots, and pay-for internet drops in nearly every hotel. So maybe it’s no Foocamp, but it sure beats the thick walls of Oxford.

And the payoff? For the first time in many weeks I get to talk to my peeps. Assuming that the Association of Internet Researchers conference is providing free wireless, I’ll be posting my notes somewhere in cyberspace. In the mean time, I think I’ll have me some Tim Hortons:

This sign elucidates a piece of the age-old quandry: what makes Canadians unique from Americans? In terms of cuisine, it seems to be the substitution of coffee for coke and donuts for french fries.

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