To my peeps…

You can always tell when I’m busy because my posts drop to nothing and my oddments slow to a trickle. Believe you me, I have good reason this time: between grant proposals, generals papers, talk preparations, travel arrangements and relationship issues, I’ve had a scant few minutes for my personal life. I did have time though to comb my hair most days.

About 40% of my work is done, and I’m currently on world tour. I’m going to make a concerted effort to share a bit of my travels along the way, so look out for posts from the following venues:

  • Oxford, London: One talk at the Oxford Internet Institute tomorrow, one at the BBCi on Friday and one at iSociety on Monday. Hopefully I’ll meet a few of my UK in London over the weekend.
  • California: Some much needed R&R plus a trip to the bay area to visit some friends
  • Toronto: The annual AOIR meeting. I’m speaking on a panel titled broadening the blog which covers quite a bit of territory about weblogs.

If you’re going to be at any of these events/areas, please let me know. I’d be ecstatic to run into a few people I didn’t expect to. Of course as soon as I get back to Boston I’ll be travelling as little as possible for a few months. I still haven’t recovered from being so crunk in the ATL.

8 thoughts on “To my peeps…

  1. Hey Cameron,

    great you are coming to see us monday. at the moment [ 😦 ] my e-mail, as we say in the UK, completely shagged, so sorry not being in touch. but i blogged a rough thing for the event, which you might want to forward. its at


  2. Look forward to meeting you on Monday Cameron.

    I’m particularly interested in your findings following your time at the Dept. of STD Prevention analysing the effectiveness of information channels and campaigns. Hope you can cover this in your presentation.

    Cheers, Philip.

  3. Good to meet you today Cameron. FYI, the Always On Network to which I referred today is at

    More specifically, if you track down the latest blog on there by Tony Perkins (ex-Red Herring) who started the whole thing you will have a quick summary of the associated polemic regarding the commerciality of the site and whether or not it really is a blog!

    Cheers, Philip.

  4. Dear Cameron,

    It was very nice to meet you, but I *was* somewhat put off by your unkempt appearance. Perhaps if we took up a collection, you could reserve a few minutes of (fully paid) time each day to attend to personal grooming.

  5. Ouch!

    I have to draw a distinction between myself and those that have full time jobs. Otherwise people (like my advisor) might start thinking that I have extra time on my hands. I wouldn’t want anyone to get that impression 😉

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