This is not a match-making service

Before I decided to sign up for friendster, I probably received five or so solicitations from various friends of mine who happen to be early adoptors (or probably more accurately "innovators"). Today for the first time I received yet another invite, a surprising event since I’m already a member.

After staring at the email for a few minutes I realized that the recipient was not actually me, but rather the giant email list SOCNET which is delivered to the inboxes of most social network researchers worldwide. As I’m sure you can imagine, this prompted a few quick retorts, one of which I thought was priceless (all names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Please be my friend.
Amy Jones has invited you to join Amy’s personal and private
community at Friendster, where you and Amy can network with each
other’s friends.

Could we, perhaps, avoid sending personal solicitations to SOCNET?
Friendship is a wonderful thing, but this is not a match-making service….


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